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I laugh at the title.  It was bad but wasn’t that bad.  It started snowing around 9:30 am that morning and when it hit the roadways it immediately turned to ice. Local school districts in the area started closing and the mass exodus commenced.  This cause major traffic jams with the roadways began to ice over it meant that many motorists decided to leave their vehicles in the middle of the streets.  Many of the people that left early to go get their kids from school soon returned because they couldn’t make it to the main road.  Over 1500 people were stranded at our place of business that night and nearly 100 the following night as well.

They let me go to attempt to get home at 4:30 pm.  With all my medications at home along with my CPAP I had to at least make an attempt at it. It normally takes 45 minutes to make the trip but on this night it took a little longer.  It alone took me 45 minutes to get to the main road and another 30 minutes to get to the interstate.  Three hours later I made it as far as I could with the roads conditions deteriorating.  The temps had dropped down to 19 degrees before I made it to the bottom of this long hill.  This is where I had to park my truck and hike the remaining three miles to get home.  All in all it only took me nearly four hours to make the trek home.  I was one of the lucky ones.  There were many that had to stay in their vehicles for over 24 hours.

From now on, if there is a mention of snow in the forecast, I will stay in the warmth of my home.  I do not ever want to go through that again.

Life Goes On!!