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With all this snow talk up north I decided I’d post a picture of the snow we got last year.  In fact it was a year ago this week when we got snowed in.  I think we had about an inch of ice with about four inches of snow.  Shut the city down for about 48 hours.  This was nothing compared to the winter storm of ’93 when we had 18 inches of snow. We were snowed in for over a week.  We lost power for five days and had to heat and cook our food via a fireplace.  In fact, we even had to sleep in the den next to the fireplace because we had a waterbed at the time.  No power means a very cold waterbed.  We emptied our refrigerator and put all of our perishables outside on the deck.  We simply dug a hole in the snow, put everything in it and covered it up.  Didn’t lose a thing.

I like snow but I like it for one day and the next it’s gone.  It makes for some pretty pictures, don’t you think?