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I learned to drive a straight shift on this truck.  She holds a lot of memories for me.  My brother and I used her for our grass cutting business while we were in high school.  We hauled tons of firewood out of the deepest woods that my dad could find.

Everytime I look at her I see the big dent on the front fender.  I laugh now every time I think about what happen.  My brother and I were learning how to drive and it was my turn to drive around the yard.  I got behind the wheel and was arguing with my brother who was outside the truck as I was backing up.  I ran into a power poll that sat dead center of our side yard.  I was so mad and upset.  Dad wasn’t too happy either.

She started leaking oil back before I graduated high school.  A friend of mine decided that we could rebuild her.  I needed the experience anyway so we rebuilt the engine.  We spent about two months working evenings and weekends.  Got her cranked and damn if she didn’t leak worse after we fixed her than before.  Dad took it to a shop and they fixed it right.

It’s been sitting up for several years now.  My brother in law decided he would sand it down and repaint her.  He spent several weekends sanding but never got around to the painting.  That was over ten years ago.  Dad has moved it around the yard via tractor but it hasn’t been cranked in over ten years. She sits rusting away.