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That’s what my co workers call it anyway.  Cloudmont is located in Mentone, Alabama.  It’s nearly 2 hours from where I live.  Last year I took my two daughters and one of their girl friends there for an afternoon of skiing.  It’s all man made and it’s all ice.  They call it “red neck” because nearly everyone there skiing was wearing camouflage.  A deer hunters paradise.

Personally, I’ve never skied and I’ve never really cared too.  I used to roller skate and I’ve went ice skating once but I stayed on my butt the whole night.  Snow skiing to me is just asking for trouble.  I’ve always said that the good Lord was gracious enough to give me a lot of things and one thing He gave me was common sense. As Mike Rowe is fond of saying in dangerous situations, “It’s ill advised my friend”.

Both my daughters and their friend all learned how to ski that day and in fact went down the bunny slope.  I was a proud dad to see them do this.  My son, being in the Boy Scouts, got a chance a few years back to go to Cloudmont and not only learned to ski but got his Snow Sports Merit Badge.