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HDR, High Definition Resolution.  Some people love it while others hate it.  I’ve been interested in this for quite some time.  In my opinion, some people over use it and abuse it. They over process it way too much. It can be be used to make an interesting effect and make a dull photo more interesting.

I finally broke down and purchased the software last night and after a day at a car lot shopping for a car, which is an entirely different story, I got a chance tonight to go out and play some.  This is at our local high school.  the sun had just gone down below the horizon and the street lights had just come on.  My camera is a Nikon D7000 and is able to do bracketing.  By taking three photo’s, one under exposed, one metered and one over exposed, the software stacks the three photo’s together and creates this image. I know I’m over simplifying the process and I know some of you already know the process but there are those that don’t.

I’ll go ahead and warn everyone that I will be posting some of these from time to time.  Let me know what you think.  I’m willing to learn and hopefully get better.