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I had my bone marrow biopsy today.  It was one of the most painful experiences I’ve had and not be doing something I enjoyed.  If you’ve never had one let me tell you what they did.  First they made me undress and put on a backless hospital gown.  The did give me a pair of disposable terrycloth shorts to put on underneath.  I lay there for a while until the doctors come in and he tells me to lay on my left side in a fetal position.  The doctor then injects the area on my hip with a local antithetic which hurt like hell.  Then the real pain begins when he begins to drill into my hip with some sort of needle.  That hurt worse than hell.  The whole procedure didn’t last thirty minutes but it felt like an eternity while he was doing it.  I call the doctor next Monday to make yet another Dr. appointment to find out the results.  

Trying to keep my spirits up.