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I get this question all the time.  Before now I would always answer, “I’m fine”, or “I’m wonderful, how are you?” expecting the same type answer. I never expect to hear all their ailments when I ask someone in passing how they’re doing so I guess it’s appropriate for me to answer in the way I have in the past.  With that said, am I telling them a lie if I tell them I’m feeling fine when in fact I’m worried sick that the doctor’s are going to tell me that I have Leukemia and in doing so will these people get mad at me because I didn’t tell them when they do find out?

If someone asked me right now how I’m doing or how I felt, if I told them that I felt fine I wouldn’t be lying to them.  I don’t have any ailments to speak of.  So right now I wouldn’t be lying to them.  I have told a few people that I may have CML but it’s not confirmed.  It won’t be confirmed until one day next week.  By now I”m sure the word has gotten out that I’ve got Leukemia so I’m sure that when some people ask me how I’m doing it’s because they know and when I tell them that I feel fine I get some of the strangest looks. I guess they’re expecting me to tell them that I don’t feel fine and that I have Leukemia.

I don’t want to bore people with my ailments nor do I look for sympathy.  I do not want to be treated any differently than I have been treated at any other time in my life.  Yes, I have CML.  Yes, I could get worse but don’t treat me like I’m on my death bed right now because right now I’m fine.