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One of my daughters woke up sick yesterday morning now I guess it;s my turn.

I started out in May riding an old 12 speed Trek.  I bought it from a co-worker 15 or so years ago.  According to the serial number the bike is a little over 30 years old.  It served it’s purpose because I didn’t want to go and spend a lot of money on a bicycle if I wasn’t going to stick with it,  Come to find out I love to ride.  In fact, so much so I found a bike on the internet that I fell in love with.   After putting over 1000 miles on my old Trek I purchased a 2013 Cannondal from a guy in Mississippi.

On average I ride about 60 miles a week.  Now that the daylight hours are getting shorter I find it difficult to get my mileage in.  Also, I broke a rib Saturday before last and that too has put a damper on my riding. I have a trainer that I will put to use to help me keep my muscles in shape during the winter months.


My first attempt at riding in the rain.

My riding hasn’t come easy.  I’ve had several wrecks that fortunately only caused minor damage to me and my Trek.   I’ve had road rash, and bent rims but I’ve learned to get back on the bike and keep going and not give up.