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As stated earlier, I’ve had a problem with my weight since before I got married some twenty some odd years ago.  In 2009 I was at 345 lbs, my heaviest and at the same time, my lowest in self esteem.  I decided then to start doing something about it.

I can’t give all the credit to my weight loss to diet and exercise.  If you’re a diabetic like I am all you have to do to loose weight is to stop taking your medications.  This was not a good idea and do not attempt if you’re a diabetic.  I did it to save money and I thought I could take care of my diabetes with just my diet and exercise.  There was two major things wrong with this; 1) I didn’t exercise and 2) I didn’t stick to any diet.

Things got a little harry after not being on any medications for a while.  It was only after I started loosing feeling in my feet when I decided to go back under my doctors care. In 2011 I had lost down to 311 with a loss of 34 lbs.  Not bad for weight loss but I wouldn’t recommend loosing it the way I did.

November 2012, my doctor and I had a serious conversation about my sugar levels still being way out of control.  I came home that afternoon and got on my treadmill and have been exercising ever since,



I now weight 270 lbs and I’ve still got several pounds to go.  I’ve started riding a bicycle in May of this year and I really love being out doors.  More on my bike riding in my next post.