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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I’ve been doing other things and I haven’t taken the time to post.  To be honest I’ve been rather depressed as of late.  The fact that I’m not working anywhere and not able to keep my mind off of things makes it difficult to not get depressed.

Both my daughters graduated in May and here it is the end of June and neither one has any job offers on the table.  One of my daughters has a teaching degree and has had a couple of interviews but no one wants to hire her.  The other has some sort of advertising degree and she’s got several applications in but hasn’t had any interviews yet.  They have six months to get a job to start paying their loans back.  My son went through the same thing and we were prepared to help him with paying back his loans but as luck would have it, he got a job right at the end.  Now we have two that we’d have to help and right now there is no way we can help.  We just can’t afford it.  I guess, if worse comes to worst, we could get some kind of load to help but I don’t want to get back in debt again.

The sight of my daughter getting so excited to get an interview and then wait for a phone call that never comes is more that I can handle.  She says she’s alright but I know just how disappointed she is and I’m disappointed for her.  What makes this thing a little worse is that she does have a part-time job working at the YMCA.  The thing is that they’ve hired too many people and now only works every other week so she’s not making the money she was promised. At least my other daughter is working, at least until the end of July until she has to move out of her apartment and then she will be out of a job.

I guess it’s all part of parenting. There’s a lot more I’d rather do as a parent than to watch them struggle.  My son, who I was worried about when he graduated, now has a job making nearly twice as much as I did when I worked thirty-two years and he’s only worked for about four.  Go figure.  Maybe my girls will end up doing the same thing.  I pray they will.