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I’ve always heard people say that once they’ve retired and I never believed it.  Well, until now.  Do you remember me talking about having to remove my shrubbery?  I’m still working on getting everything put back in place.  When I removed the shrubs, a ton of dirt was removed with all the roots.  It left big holes in the ground which I had to purchase a couple of loads of dirt to fill in these holes.


I’ve got the holes filled in, all the rocks removed and leveled out.  Then I found out that I needed to turn the new soil in so, I removed my Mantis from my shed and turned one side of my flower bed.  That thing wore me out.  After about thirty minutes of that thing, every muscle in my body was sore.  Thank God the next day was Sunday.  I could barely move.  Today it rained so I went to pick up our taxes and to pick up a few items from Lowes.  I’ve still got to turn the other side of the flower bed and relevel everything.  We’re in the process now of trying to figure out what to plant.

I’ve already got a project to do after I get done with my flower bed.  I’ve already got most of the materials for it so I’m hoping that step is done with.  I’ve got to add gutters to my sunroom.  I’ll be glad when I get these projects done.  I’d like to take a day and go fishing.