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imageAt least that’s what I’ve always heard.  My first appointment with the trainer was on Wednesday of this week.  Like I said in my last post, he is one of my Eagle Scouts.  My main concern was that he would use this as a way to get me back for all the hiking that I made him do.  I’m not sure if he tried to get me back or not but I’m telling you one thing; I’m sore.  He worked my chest, my legs, and arms. He said he was going to take it easy on my first day then give me a good workout on the second day, that’s today.

Two things that I’ve noticed so far.  I want to go to the gym even on the days that I’m not scheduled to work with the trainer. I definitely want to get my money worth. The second thing I’ve noticed, and I’m not too impressed with, is the fact that I’ve gained two pounds since I’ve started.  We can’t have this.  I want to lose weight not gain it.  I’m supposed to talk with someone at the gym today about a Mico diet.  I’ve never heard of it plus I don’t do well with diet plans.

There is another thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been going to the gym.  There’s a lot more people there that are in shape than those that are not.  There are a few there that their shape is round like me but for the most part most are fit and trim.  It’s like those fitness commercials.  You never see a fat guy on a Peloton.  You always see a fit man or woman giving it their all on those machines.  I know it’s marketing but I think it would give us fat guys more incentive if we could see one of our own on those machines working out.  And why is it that they usually have a gorgeous blond, who is all fit and trim, curves in the right places and always smiling behind the sign-in desk?  They’re usually married, got two kids and 42 but yet look 21. 

UPDATE:  I got to the gym about thirty minutes early.  My trainer was busy with another client so I hopped on a spin cycle and for thirty minutes my legs had a decent workout. When it was time for my turn with the trainer we mainly worked on my upper body. It was already sore from Wednesday but I made it through. After my workout with the trainer, I spent thirty minutes on the treadmill.  When I left there, everyone knew I had a decent workout because there wasn’t a dry stitch on my body.  Maybe I can see a difference on my scales tomorrow.  At least I hope so.