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Update:  My son just called and said that everything is go for him to go to work on Monday.  No more delays.  

My son has a new job but because of the background checks, he cannot start.  He was supposed to have started this past Monday but as of this morning, he’s still waiting.  Once he was told he was hired, he did the right thing and gave his two-week notice for his previous employer.  He has since left his old job.  What’s the hold-up?  Well, he needs verification that he worked during the year 2012.  The waterpark that he worked at is no longer there and he can’t find his W2 for that year.  He has gone online and found his W2 at the IRS website but it’s missing some information and the security company that’s doing the background checks will not accept it. We have torn this house apart and we can’t find his 2012 W2.  We found his 2013 and he has submitted it.  My son’s recruiter says that being that he has found his 2013 W2 and it’s basically the same thing and contains the missing information, it should go through.  So, we are currently waiting.  I’m not sure what we will do if they still ask for his 2012 W2.  If I’ve learned anything from this; not to let my wife keep important records and to let my son keep his own tax records.