I’ve heard all my adult life that once you retire you’ll wonder how you ever found the time to go to work.  I retired on August 15th, 2018, on my 55th birthday.  Since then, I have found this statement to be true. Since my wife is working, I’ve been trying to help her out by doing some things around the house, having dinner cooked, or almost cooked, by the time she gets home from work.  It’s been either too hot or too wet to do any yard work but eventually, I’ll get some yard work done as well. I’ve been able to meet my kids for lunch and hang with them before they either have to go back to work or go back to class.

The first week after I retired, I started playing around with my photography and trying new skills.  I’ll post some pictures of what I’ve been doing later.  Being able to go eat lunch with my daughters in Tuscaloosa has been great.  After we eat, I hang around until they have to be at band practice.  The above picture was taken on a Saturday practice before the Texas A &M game.  This is one of the majorettes during one of their routines.

I don’t want this post to be long and drawn out and bore everyone.  I’ve got more news about my health but I’ll post sometime later with the news.  Until then.  Have a blessed day.