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I’m a bit late posting this but I’ve just now got around to it.  This trail head in the Jasper/Double Springs area of the Bankhead National Forest.  If you’re ever in this area I would highly recomend this place.

The trail starts off down hill for about twenty yards or so.  Which is fine but you’ve got to come back up.  The trail itself is rather nice.  It’s farly wide for the most part but does narrow down to a single person for a bit before reaching the falls.

My wife and I followed this trail for about a mile and a half when we saw a young lady sitting on a log off to the side of the trail.  Surrounding her was another female and a male friend.  The lady on the log looked like she was having some heat related issues.  I offered one of my bottles but they refused any help from us.  Evedently, the hill going down to the falls was steeper than I had read.


Going down this hill was tough on my legs but not near as tough as going up it.  Once to the falls you had to climb down to the creek to get any pictures of the falls.  There were several young people swiming and I feel sure the water was cold.  My wife didn’t venture down to the falls because she was afraid she’d fall.  The same thought had entered my mind as well but I just walked a little over a mile to get here and I wan’t going to let a little climb turn me around.


As we guessed, the climb out of there was slow for me.  It took me a while for me to reach the flatter area because I had to stop and catch my breath several times.  Once we made it to the top of the hill it wasn’t so bad getting back to out truck.  With the exception of the last twenty yards.

For anyone with breathing issues or congestive or heart issues, I would not recommend this trail.  All others, have at it. Simeple two mile in/out trail.