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Bad news first.  My Leukemia is back.  Got a call from my oncologist on Friday and he told me that my numbers were back up.  I’m to increase my dosage and go see him in six weeks for more blood work.  Nothing else to do until then so there’s no since in crying over spilt milk.

Now for the good news.  I’ve started doing the low carb diet.  I’m limiting my carbs to 35 to 40 per day.  I started last Saturday and I’ve lost close to ten pounds this week.  I know most of it is water weight but hell, then pounds is ten pounds.  Another plus is that my sugar has been a lot better as well.  It dropped about 30 points this week.

I went hiking yesterday with the wife.  I won’t go into too much detail here because I want to do a review of this waterfall on another post.  It wasn’t but a two mile hike but the steep hill made it much more of an exercise event for me.  We had to stop several times comeing back for me to catch my breath.  I can’t wait until I get back in shape again.

On another note; my weight loss journey started when my weight got to 345lbs.  My ultimate goal is around 225lbs.  Until recently I thought I’d never reach that goal.  I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s very dim mind you but it’s there. Today’s weighin was 268lbs. It won’t be long until I reach my mini goal of 265lbs.  It’s taken me five years to get down to where I’m at.  Will it take me another five years to reach my ultimate goal? I hope not.