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To get it out of the way and I know everyone is tired of seeing pictures of the “Super Moon”,  here is the one that I spent over an hour trying to get the exposure correct.  Not exactly happy with it because it’s still a little out of focus.

A lot has happened since my last post and I’ll try to make it short as to not bore anyone.  But a brief recap is in order.  Back in August I had major breathing issues and I checked myself into the hospital thinking it was my heart.  They did a stress test, an echo-cardiogram and a heart heart cath. and found that I had 70% blockage in one of my arteries where they placed two stents.  My breathing had not improved any.

They then decided to do some breathing tests and ordered a CT scan.  They found fluid in my lungs.  They drew out 2 liters of fluid from my right lung.  I felt great afterwards.  They think that it’s my CML meds causing the fluid retention.

Two months later, in October, my breathing started getting bad again. My pulmonary doctor ordered another CT scan and found more fluid in my lungs.  He pulled just over a liter of fluid off my right lung.  Keep in mind that they haven’t touched my left lung.

Since all the fluid has started building up in my lungs, all three of my doctors (cardiologist, pulmonary and oncologist) agreed that a reduction of dosage in my CML meds.  It was reduced from 100 mg to 80 mg.  But my problem returned even quicker after my last fluid withdrawal.

Last Monday, November 7th, I couldn’t take it any longer.  I had to get some relief.  I couldn’t do anything without stopping and catching my breath.  Tuesday, after I voted, I went to the emergency room. I told them what I wanted them to do and they proceeded to do x rays. X rays showed nothing so they proceed to do another stress test and echo cardiogram.  But not after I sat in the emergency room all day on Tuesday.  I was finally admitted late Tuesday evening and they started doing the tests on Wednesday. Wasted a full day on Tuesday.

I was released on Friday evening but not after having another liter and a half removed from my lungs and another diagnosis of diastolic heart failure.  So, I’m on nitroglycerin patches to help me breathe and a whole lot of other meds as well.