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It has come a time in my life where I have to ask myself will I ever be as healthy as I used to be.  It seems that every time I get better I have another set back.  Every time I gain some vacation time I end up sick and  using most if not all of it trying to get well again. It’s usually after I gain about two weeks of time when something happens and I lose down to a day or so.  Currently I’m at 24 hours so I’ve got about a month to go before I can reset the clock.  In the meantime I have to be at work and if I have any doctor’s appointments, which I do, I’ll have to work over to make up for the time I take off or else I’ll lose more time.

I’ve spoken to my oncologist and he’s instructed me to resume my CML meds but at a lower dose. I’ve having to cut my 100mg pill in half then cut one of the halves in half again.  That way I take one half and a quarter so hopefully that’s about 75mg. I don’t like doing it this way because I’m not sure I’m getting the dosage right.  The oncologist seems to think that I can get the pill in a 80mg strength tablet and that’s what he really wants.

To say that I’m not concerned about the fluid coming back into my lungs is an understatement.  I’m deeply concerned and I’m wanting to know if there’s a test that can monitor the amount of fluid being stored in my lungs.  Currently the only way is a CAT scan and I can’t keep going in for a CAT scan every few weeks. So, according to my doctor I’ll just have to monitor my breathing on my own.

With all the diuretics that I’m on I’m losing weight.  I’m down over ten pounds since I had the stents put in.  I am feeling better but the breathing is still not 100 percent. I am back climbing the stairs at work but only one floor at a time.  Next week I’ll add an additional floor. I still get quite winded but I’m able to recover much quickly.

I’m still plugging along and hopefully I’ll be able to do more exercise but right now I’m going to take it easy and not push myself too hard right now.  Definitely later though.