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I got to thinking on the way home from the hospital about just how serious this past visit to the hospital was.  It was just happenstance that they found the blockage and even more so the fluid in my lungs.  I was thinking just how bad I have felt the last few months and that it was the sole reason for me not exercising.  Now that I had all this stuff done I should feel well enough to start walking more and hopefully get on my bicycle soon.

Now comes the hard part.  Wife and I had a discussion about food choices and eating better.  The wife does most of the cooking in the house and she is a working girl too.  She comes home and feels like she’s got to cook something so it usually ends up with hamburger helper or chicken fingers.  Looks like I’ll be searching for heart healthy meals for us to get acquainted with.

All these changes won’t come overnight.  My wife and I have got to start eating better and exercising more if we want to live long enough to see our kids grow up and have families of their own.