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For several months now I have been undergoing a barrage of test by one doctor or another. If you’ve ever seen the movie National Treasure, it’s like one clue leads to another clue.  It all started with a personal evaluation that was performed on me back in March from my boss.  In the months prior to my evaluation I had made several costly mistakes.  Luckily they were all monetary and not personal injury.  During my evaluation my boss discussed with me that he was worried that either I would be harmed by my actions or the person I was working with would be harmed.  He also stated that until I was checked out by my physician I would be temporarily placed on light duty with any safety related responsibilities.   At first I was furious as you can imagine but the more I thought about it the more I realized he may be right.  Although I didn’t want to admit it I had been experiencing some forgetfulness but I had chalked it up to getting old.

The first test was with a neuropsychologist.  I failed miserably.  One test consisted of the nurse reciting a list of paired words, about 50 I think, that after she recited the list I was supposed to repeat to her one of the words that was paired too.  Example; Truck-Bread, Dog-Umbrella.  She would read Truck and I was supposed to tell her Bread.  I failed at this test.  There were several other tests that I failed at.  The results that were given to my primary care doctor was that I had three areas of disabilities, motor control, memory loss and multitasking.

Another test that was performed was on my feet.  I had been put in the hospital with influenza A and pneumonia.  After spending a week there I was released to spend another week at home.  While I was off I had an appointment with a neurologist in which I spent over an hour being hooked to electrodes that shocked my feet to find out just how numb they really were.  After the tests were performed I was given the diagnoses of diabetic neuropathy.  Hell, I already knew that.

During one of my visits with my oncologist I was given a test to check out my immunity because being admitted twice to the hospital in less than six months set off a couple of alarms.  He did a preliminary test and it came back showing signs of IgG deficiency (immunoglobulin G). I went back on Wednesday of this week to let them do a more thorough test.  I’ll find out the results of those test sometime next week.

Today I went to another neurologist that all i did was talk and answer a few questions.  A small word association test was performed and again I failed.  He asked me to remember three words and he would ask me later on to recite these words back to him. When asked a few minutes later I couldn’t remember the three words.  I saw the doctor for only a few minutes after which he wanted to do a blood test and an MRI.  The blood test was done downstairs but the MRI will have to be scheduled once the insurance company approves the test.

So, as you see I’m falling apart.  I’m not letting it get me down.  Just living day to day right now.