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When I was just a kid my dad and I would visit my grandfather on the mountain and I would help my grandfather rob the bees.  I can’t tell you the times I got stung.  My grandfather would have his hood on and long gloves and he would have his smoker to calm the bees.  The bees never seem to bother my grandfather because, as I found out later, the bees were used to him being there.  Since a kid I had always wanted to tend to the bees as my grandfather did but never found the time.

My grandfather never made a lot of money with the honey because he didn’t really try to sell it.  Most of it went to the family.  He even traded some of it for food and clothing.  At one time my grandfather had thirty-five hives.  Most all of which are gone now either by weather or by rot.

I’ve decided sometime ago that I’m going to retire in less than three years.  I have several hobbies already but none of which are profitable.  Beekeeping, if done right, can be very profitable.  I have given myself three years to start this hobby and try to make it a profitable business.  I have several friends already keeping bees and have already offered their help.  So, with all that said, I ordered my first complete hive last night.  Should be here Thursday.  It will be later on before I can get the bees.  I’m looking forward to it.

“Life Goes On!