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As I’m writing this we are under a tornado watch.  By watching all the news and weather you would think this would be the Storm of the Century.  So far it’s been all hype, at least for our area.  I’m not complaining mind you and I do agree that the information needs to get out there for everyone to know and to prepare, but so far all we’ve gotten is some rain earlier this afternoon.

The tornado watch is expected to continue until 4 am.  I’m no meteorologist but from what I’m looking at on the radar I just don’t see anything happening, major that is.

I have my weather radio by the bed and helmets at the ready just in case we get notified of a tornado warning so we are prepared for the worst.  After two near misses you learn what to do and what not to waste your time on.  Tomorrow we’re supposed to have more bad weather but tonight is supposed to be the worst of it.

Someone I know made a comment today that I thought fitting for such weather as we are having these past few days and into the next.  “Mother Nature needs to get into the Christmas Spirit.”  Here it is the 23rd of December and we haven’t had any cold weather to speak of.  Especially for the month of December.

“Life Goes On!”