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I was thinking earlier this afternoon when the last time I had a day that I went pain free.  Yesterday.  I would have to say yesterday I was relatively pain free for a day.  Lately it’s been my feet giving me problems and now my kidneys.  But yesterday I was pain free because I didn’t have any pain in my feet and my kidney didn’t hurt.  Today, however, my feet were barking toward the end of the day but my kidney remained calm and pain free.

As I sit here whining about my pain, I’m reminded that there are a lot of people that are worse off than I am.  There are days that I hurt, a lot.  But, like yesterday, I didn’t have any pain whatsoever.   Some people can’t say that.  They have to live with chronic on a day to day basis.  There is no pain medication that can give them any relief whatsoever.  Knowing this makes me feel like a heel complaining of my insignificant pain when on most cases I can take a pain pill and for the most part feel better within thirty minutes or so.  There are those that medications can’t do anything for them.  I can’t image that.

I’ll say a prayer for all those in need of pain relief and I’ll include myself in this prayer.

“Life Goes On!”