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Movie night on the big screen.  Our power flickered several times then when out for a split second and our TV didn’t seem to like it.  The bulb exploded.  Made such a loud boom and stunk up the house quite a bit afterwards.  Now worries though because I ordered a new bulb from Amazon and it should be here by Tuesday.

We watched Mom’s Day out which, for the most part, was filmed right here in Birmingham, Alabama. I pulled out my projector and big screen that I use to do power points on. It was fun to sit and watch some of the scenes play out as I’m trying to figure out where the scene was filmed at.  Growing up in Birmingham, I knew where most of it was filmed at.  It was funny though to see a Pelham police car chasing people in downtown Birmingham.

We had seen the movie in the theater when it first came out but I was glad to see that my wife bought the DVD for us to watch it tonight.  I think I laughed just as much then as I did tonight.  If you haven’t watched it I would recommend that you do.  It’s pretty funny I think.

Did not get on the treadmill tonight.  I really think I over did it when I was doing it every night.  I might try it every other night for not and see how my foot reacts to it.

“Life Goes On!”