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Just as I figured I woke up this morning to find that I had gained over a pound making my goal just beyond reach again.  I’m not worried because I’ll obtain it again in a few days.

Today was tough one for me because I had four low sugar episodes today.  I woke up with one, got it under control and made it to work.  Not long after arriving I had another.  Just before lunch I had yet another low sugar episode and the last one came about an hour before I got off from work.  With each episode came weakness, heavy sweating, confusion and dizziness.  Normally I can tell when these things are about to happen and I can get something to eat and after a few minutes away but each of these came without notice. I was fortunate that with each of these I was able to go by one of our company stores and purchase something to help bring my sugar up.  I normally keep some glucose pills on me but today I had left them at home.  Tomorrow they will be in my pocket.

“Life Goes On!”