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Had a rough day at work but I won’t go there.  The good news is that my son is home from college for a few days and I’m going to enjoy his time with us.  Tonight we’re watching the World Series which we always like to do since he was a little boy.  The cats seem to even enjoy his company since they won’t leave his side since he’s been home.

The girls went to a church fall festival tonight dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2.  They looked adorable when they left the house.  I believe they would have won the costume contest if it wasn’t for the judges being related to them.

Two more days until the weekend and Halloween.  I’ve been asked to go to a local state park and do some Dutch Oven cooking for a small group.  This park does a huge trick or treating.  It’s been estimated at over 30,000 kids come to this park just for this.  My kids are excited about going and seeing all the excitement.  It’s supposed to rain about the time the trick or treating starts so I’m hoping all the kids have fun.

“Life Goes On!”