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Or lack thereof.

Please forgive the rant and it may not do anything but relieve my blood pressure.

Within the past few weeks there have been at least five incidents where either a police officer or a teacher has been in the news because of their actions toward kids or young adults.  In most cases the first thought that comes to most people’s minds is it’s the adults fault for his/her action.  Only last week at our child care facility two adults were arrested for physically abusing a toddler.  To me that’s just sick.  The toddler has no control of his/her actions therefore the adult is automatically at fault, especially if it’s caught of camera.

When the child is older, say a teenager that could be something different.  We’ve become people that are so quick to judge and just look at the front end we forget to look at the complete picture before passing judgement.  We as Christians aren’t supposed to judge anyway, but that’s beside the point.  The point I want to make is the the young people of today do not have respect for their elders.  It’s plain as the nose on my face, as my grandmother used to tell me.  If I treated my mom or dad the way a lot of these young people treat their folks or any other adult as the case may be, I couldn’t walk for a week.  I went to a high school football game the other night where a young girl was yelling at her mother.  First of all, from what I saw at this conversation, this was not the first time the young lady had talked to her mom that way, which is sad.  Where is the respect?  Where’s the discipline?  Is it not taught in the home anymore?  My kids know it not because I’ve seen it with my own eyes but because other people have told me how well behaved they are and how they are respectable young ladies.

The reason I bring this up because today a very good friend of mine’s wife was arrested today on child misconduct charges.  This lady has been teaching high school special education for over 28 years and has never had any problems with any child.  According to the news reports the child was injured and the parents are blaming the teacher.  We don’t have both sides of the story but the truth will come out in the end.  What I fear is going on because I know the type of kids she’s teaches there is that the parents are looking for attention and maybe even some money in court.  There again I have to ask, where is the respect for the other families involved.  If there is a case, if there is misconduct on the teachers part then so be it.  But if not and it’s only a ruse to get money then you’ve just destroyed the teacher’s reputation, the family’s reputation and the teachers job, for what?  Makes me sick.

Rant Over.  Pray for this family.

“Life Goes On!”