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After an exhausting day yesterday cooking I had already decided that I would sleep in a bit this morning, and I did.  I woke up with every intention to unload my ovens so that they wouldn’t be riding around in the back of my truck all week.  I do have another cookout this Saturday and there is no way I would allow those ovens to ride in the back of my truck and risk them getting damaged.  After lunch I did eventually get off my rear end and unload the ovens from the truck.

I must have gotten a spark of energy because after I unloaded the truck I retrieved my pressure washer and cleaned not only my side walk but my driveway as well.  That took several tanks of gas and several hours to do.  I’m not exactly sure what got into me.  I was close to being too dark to see anything but I did manage to finish.

I did manage to get some rest today but I also got some stuff done that needed to get done.  My wife want’s to have people over this Saturday to celebrate my daughter’s birthday so I’ve got to get some yard work done this week.  It’s going to be tight but I think I can swing it.

“Life Goes On!”