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I got into restoring cast iron back last summer.  This was my first project.  It’s a Lodge Sportsman Grill.  I paid a lot of money for it and I accidently left it outside for several years.  I had misplaced it and couldn’t remember where I put it.  I originally thought that I had either left it at the last location I used it or someone stole it from me.  I never dreamed that I left it outside but alas I did.  When I found it I was so mad and disappointed in myself.  I thought it was ruined.

I started seeing a lot of posts on some of the forums that I follow about how to restore cast iron by using a process called Electrolysis.  At first I thought this was so far above my head that I wouldn’t be able to even consider it.  I was wrong.  I first started off with a five gallon bucket, a battery charger and a couple pieces of scrap iron.  I put the smaller pieces into the tank and after a couple of days, the process had stripped all the rust off of it and left nothing but raw metal.  I was impressed.  After I got all the pieces stripped I then began the process of re seasoning.  Which is another story altogether.

If there’s one thing I learned during the whole process is this.  Don’t re season your cast iron in your house.  It will leave a nasty odor and it will linger all day long.  If you have an outdoor grill this is where you should re season your cast iron.  Your marriage may last a little longer if you do everything outside.


“Life Goes On!”