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Tonight was homecoming at my daughters school and one of my daughters was on the homecoming court and I was her escort. I had to wear a suit and tie and I don’t know anyone that hates to wear a suit and tie more than I do.  Not to mention the torturing device known as dress shoes.

My plan was to go to the game, participate in the halftime festivities, go home and change clothes and be back before 4th quarter.  All in all I shouldn’t have to be in a suit more than a couple of hours.  It didn’t work out that way.  Thirty minutes into the game a huge storm with major lightning and the game had to be postponed.  After a two hour lightning delay the game resumed and by this time my feet were really hurting.  I managed to go through the homecoming festivities on the field and soon afterwards I was on my way home to change clothes.

When I returned about thirty minutes later only about ten minutes had elapsed on the time clock and there was a man down on the field.  Was told a back injury and I hope the young man is ok.  Normally we’re home around 10:30pm on Friday nights after a home game.  Tonight with the weather, the injured player and homecoming festivities, I got home around 11:45pm.  A little later than normal.

Tomorrow my girls have the ACT test to take and I’m really hoping they get enough sleep.  One of my daughters is still recovering from having the Flu so I’m not sure if she will feel like taking the test tomorrow or not.

“Life Goes On!”