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After several days without a bike ride I just had to get out tonight.  It seems that every time I have a ride planned something else comes up and I’m not able to ride.  Tonight, come hell or high water I was going to ride.  All day today the rain was relentless and I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to ride in the rain.

While on my ride tonight I couldn’t help but hear the songs of the cicada.  I know you’re familiar with their songs as well.  They look alien to me and the songs they sing confirms that they are not from this earth.  At times throughout my ride tonight their songs even drowned out the sound of the dogs that were barking at me as I rode past.

As the darkness fell so did the songs of the cicada.  I was soon overcome with bugs that were attracted by my headlight.  I had to make sure that I only breathed through my nose and not my mouth.  Every once in a while I would forget and I would soon be spitting bugs out of my mouth.  People tell me that they prefer riding at night.  I must agree that it is much cooler but to be bombarded with the amount of insects I would have to wear a face mask or goggles in order not to have to be digging bugs out from between my teeth.

“Life Goes On!”