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Today was my day.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a day when most things went without having a problem.  I even had a civil conversation with my boss this morning.  My day was pretty well planned out so I went straight to it.  I stayed pretty busy and the day went by pretty quick.  About 2 pm the receptionist from my oncologist called and said that the doctor wanted to speak to me.  My results weren’t due in until next week so I immediately went into panic mode.  The doctor came on line and told me that my levels were lower than they had been since my diagnoses.  That was exactly what I was needing to round out my day.

I had a meeting after work so I got in really late but both my daughters were still up and they both had a great first day back to school.  That made me happy too.  Maybe this will keep going at least one more day until the weekend.

“Life Goes On!”