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I felt so bad for one of my daughters today.  We upgraded their phones a few days ago and they were supposed to have come in yesterday.  FedEx tried to deliver them yesterday but no one was home to receive them. So today my girls stayed home all day just so that they would be home to receive their new phones.  FedEx came and they opened their new phones only to find that one of the phones had my wife’s number.  When ordering their new upgrades I made the mistake and marked the wrong phone to be upgraded.  My daughter was devastated.  I arrived home in the middle of mass chaos.  My wife was on the phone with the carrier trying to explain to them what happened but they were unable to help. We ended up going to the phone store and after explaining to them what happened and about another hour and a half of computer work we finally got it swapped.  But there was a price.  The upgrade my wife was going to get later on won’t happen because I used her upgrade by accident when I screwed up and ordered the phone with the wrong number.

“Life Goes On!”