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I spent this morning and some of this afternoon taking my daughters on a college tour at the University of Alabama.  My son already goes there and we’ve already been on this tour with him.  After the tour we went and visited the newly renovated Butler Field.  This is where the Million Dollar Band practices.  In years past they’ve been having to deal with an uneven field where water would always stand when it rained.  Now it’s all terf with painted end zones just like a regular football field.  It’s really nice.  They did an awesome job.  I’m glad that they’ve finally decided to spend some money on the band instead of just the football teams.


After which we went out to eat at Dreamland BBQ, a place known for their BBQ ribs.  Boy was it good.  My son is home until the end of July before he has to leave for band camp.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with him before he has to leave again.

“Life Goes On!”