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Although the Fourth of July is less than a week away some of the local churches are celebrating it a bit early.  One of the churches had theirs tonight and boy was it a wild celebration.  They had predicted over 2000 people to show up.  Whether or not they all showed up remains to be seen.  I passed by the complex earlier today as they were setting up and they already had several bounce houses set up and a stage being erected.  The firework show at the conclusion was awesome.  I just wished I had my camera gear already set up.  I missed capturing a lot of good images because I didn’t have my camera with me.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.


I went to the cycle shop today to look at road shoes.  OMG, I had no idea they were so expensive.  I say a couple of pair that was around $90 but they were not in my size.  In fact, none of the shoes fit me.  They’re having to order some in for me to try later on in the week.  I have such a wide foot that either they wouldn’t strap down.  If I got a pair that would strap, the shoe would be so large that my foot would slip up and down.

My LOOK pedals came in on Friday and I’m really looking forward to getting some shoes to put them on.  I can’t wait to get them on my bike and go riding.