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I’m not sure what this world is coming too.  The younger generation has no respect for the older generation.  We’ve got a situation that we’re dealing with that is going to escalate  into something big if something isn’t done.

Twelve year old boy, new neighbors that live next door, loves to play basketball.  The problem is he loves to play at all hours of the night.  Right now it’s 10:40 pm and he’s out there bouncing that ball. It’s not that he’s out there right now it’s the fact that he’ll still be there at 1:30am.  I’ve spoken to the boy about it and he just looks at me and tells me he doesn’t have to listen to me.  I’ve talked to his mother and she basically says the same thing. Sunday morning I called the police at 1:20 am and they’ve even told him to stop at 11pm.  I know that at 11pm I’ll still hear that damn ball bounce on the driveway or hit the backboard.  If he’s still out there past midnight I’ll be calling the police again.

When I spoke to the boy about it, I just didn’t go up to him and tell him not to play basketball after midnight,  I started by striking up a conversation about him liking basketball, asking how good was he, does he plan on playing basketball in high school; things like that.  When I asked him what his mom thought about him playing basketball after midnight his response was, “I do what I want too.  My mom doesn’t care what I do or when I do it.”  I know her bedroom is directly above the basketball goal and I know how loud it can be.  Hell, it’s loud in my house and it’s on the opposite end of our bedroom.  I can tell by his words that he, a twelve year old, runs that house.

No respect for their elders.  I know if I disobeyed my mom or dad I’d be severely punished.  Not these kids, not today.  What is this world coming too when the child bosses their parents around.  I see it in the news every day where these kids don’t respect their parents, law enforcement or their teachers.

“Life Goes On!”