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It’s been a long day today.  I had to get up early this morning to 1) make sure my girls got off to work and 2) get my wife to the eye hospital to have Cataract surgery done. Getting my girls off was one thing but getting my wife to her appointment was another.  The smallest thing makes her nervous, so much so that it makes her sick to her stomach.  It’s like dealing with a five year old.  She also has a very low tolerance for pain.  A paper cut will cause her to scream for pain meds.

It was an early night for the girls.  They got home, ate the supper I prepared because the wife couldn’t do it and took their showers and went to bed.  They are currently working at a local water park and they have to stand up all day helping people on the water slides.  I’m hoping it’s making them a little more responsible.  It’s good for them. It was also an early night for the wife.  It was a very stressful day for her.

After the supper dishes were cleaned up and put away I was planning on going on a bike ride but mother nature had other plans. A couple of thunderstorms showed up and I don’t ride when it’s lightning.  Tomorrow means that I’ll be back at work catching up on what wasn’t done today while I wasn’t there.  Just one day closer to retirement is what I keep reminding myself.  Have I said lately how much I hate my job?

Hoping to get a ride in tomorrow to relieve some of this stress that’s building up inside me.  Twenty five miles should give me a good start.

“Life Goes On!”