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Today started off with me in the dumps.  Found out an acquaintance of mine who was diagnosed with CML during the same week I was, she found out that her CML has advanced and now is need of a bone marrow transplant.  I’m somewhat confused on how someone with the same cancer can be different.  I know we are not on the same meds and we have different doctors and I also know that she didn’t take her medication like she supposed to and that may have had a huge impact on the direction her cancer has taken.  When I read the news this morning it set me back a bit thinking that this could very well have been me.  It still can be me.  I go back to my oncologist in August and I’m hoping for continued good news.

I was also down because I knew I wouldn’t get to ride any this evening because I was supposed to meet up with a new girl who want to model for me. We’ve tried to meet on so many other occasions and it always fell through.  Why would tonight be any different. I would miss out on the meet up as well as miss out on the riding time.  But, she showed up and I was impressed.  She is everything I was hoping for.  She’s never modeled before but that’s ok.  She doesn’t seem to have any hangups, not on drugs, doesn’t have a jealous husband or boyfriend.  So far so good.  After seeing and talking with her it just made my day.  We’re meeting Tuesday evening to do a small shoot at the Botanical Gardens.  I am really looking forward to it.  Hope to share some pictures after the shoot.

“Life Goes On!”