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_1TH4748I stood between home plate and 1st base.  I watched kids step up to the plate, most of which needed help of some sort.  Some were in wheelchairs, some had walkers while others needed no help at all.  Regardless of their abilities, all made a home run and you should have seen their faces once they hit that ball.  It was funny watching these kids
“run the bases”.  Nearly all kids ran to first but second and third would always seem to be missed but they always found their way to home plate and managed to “jump” to score.

There were no outs and no scoring involved.  Although I did hear the announcer say that the blue team scored 732 points during their time at bat. “Could the green team have a come back and win the game?”  All team members had a chance to hit the ball then it was the other teams turn at bat.

Each player had a specific song that was played as the child’s name was announced.  It made the kids feel important.  Some gave high fives and waved to the crowd as they stepped up to the plate.  A couple even danced a jig when they made it back to home plate after their home run.

Only two innings were played but in the faces of all these kids it might as well been twelve innings.  These kids didn’t care, they got to play baseball, they got to hit the ball, they got to run the bases and they got their names called out over the intercom system along with their favorite song. There were no parents fighting with the umpires or among themselves.  Both sides cheered for all the kids not just for their own.  For about an hour we lived in a perfect world, at least in these kids eyes.

For now this is the only picture I’ll post.  I’ll have to get permission to post the link to where the rest are located.

“Life Goes On!”