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My cycling route takes me through mostly subdivisions just so that I will stay off the busy streets in our city.  My route does take me on two of the most busiest streets that we have but I’m only on there for maybe a mile or two.  Just enough to get some motorists mad for having to wait until I get up the hill.

As I’ve stated before, our city was hit by a massive EF4 tornado back in 2011.  Only one quarter of our city’s homes were rebuilt.  Most packed up what ever was left and walked away and never looked back. There are some houses that still remain that were severely damaged that for whatever the reason were never torn down nor rebuilt, just boarded up and left to rot.  The above picture was just one of those houses.  I past there yesterday evening and noticed that this house was all boarded up and no one had lived there for a least a couple of years.  Today, well, you can tell what happen to it. I don’t want to lay blame here but I have a feeling that this was a case of arson.  With no power to the house an electrical fire would seem to be out of the question.  We had no storms last night so we can rule out a lightning strike.  We’ve had a few cases where the homeowners had issues with their insurance companies and a accidental fire would be the only way out.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

“Life Goes On!”