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I received this in my in box while I was at work.  This tore me up.

It is with great sadness that we are contacting you today…

Ashlyne, our ambassador and superhero, has lost her battle with cancer.

She passed away late on Tuesday evening at home in California. She was surrounded by loving family and close friends.

As you may know, she recently flew back to California to spend her last days at home, after her cancer had progressed so far that it could not be cured.

She made it home safely and she spent her last days catching up with old classmates and was even able to go to a movie with her friends.

One big highlight last week was that she got to pick out an early birthday present, a pet Chameleon named Lemon. Ashlyne’s mom told us she shed ‘happy tears’ on the ride home when Lemon wrapped his whole body around her finger like a huge hug. 🙂

That’s Ashlyne — she always saw the joy in things.

We’ll remember Ashlyne for her love of penguins and the color pink, her sound advice to “not eat the hospital food,” her skill in removing hospital bracelets and her bright pink cape with the letter “A” on it…

Because as Ashlyne said, “my favorite superhero is me.”

Ashlyne was a remarkable young lady and it was a privilege to know her, she will be in our thoughts and hearts as we ride next month to honor her memory and fight this terrible disease.

This is why we ride…to fight for kids like Ashlyne and fight kids’ cancer!

Every hill we climb, every mile we pedal, it’s to give these kids the chance for a better future.

As June draws near, we want to introduce you to some of the children you’ll be riding for next month. THANK YOU for your support to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.


“Life Goes On!”