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Today started off and stayed cloudy which is pretty good considering it could have been either hot and steamy or worse, raining.  As far as I know no one was injured or wrecked in today’s ride which is always good.  I on the other hand had a couple of issues.  One that I couldn’t help was that I had a flat about 60 yards from the second rest stop.  I really came out pretty good on that one.  I even had SAG support there if I needed help.  I changed the tube and borrowed the SAG’s air pump as so that I wouldn’t have to use one of my CO2 cartridges.  The other issue is that I’ve got to learn to take these hills better.  I know that the only way I”m going to get any better is to 1) lose weight, 2) climb more hills and 3) do some weight lifting with my legs or something to that effect. I find that I hang pretty good with the big dogs until I get to the steep hills then they pull away then I never see them again.

Start of Ride

Old Howard 100 Start

Rest Stop 1  Rest Stop 2 Rest Stop 3