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I will be getting up at 5:15 in the morning to get ready to drive to Marion, Alabama for the Old Howard 100 Bike Ride.  I have signed up for the 46 mile loop.  One of these days I’ll do the 103 mile loop but not tomorrow.  I’m not sure I’m fully prepared for this ride but I know that I’m more prepared than I was last year at this time.  The weather does look better than it did last night at this time.  They’re still predicting rain but it may hold off until after the ride.  My rain jacket is in my backpack ready to go just in case.

The above picture was taken while I was inside a large water pit.  The picture is of the inlet valve of a water pump.  I thought the water droplets made for an interesting picture.

I did not do any type of workout this evening.  I went to a club meeting after I ate supper and didn’t get back until nearly 9 pm.  I still had a few things to get together for tomorrow’s ride so I decided to take a rest day today.

Wish me luck tomorrow.  I’m just going to take my time and enjoy myself.