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I’m really excited to report that I’ve lost 15 pounds as of this morning. I’ve been losing inches but not weight.  I guess it’s all the exercising that causing muscle weight.  Since March 1st I’ve either been on the treadmill or my road bike.  I can tell that I’ve lost inches because I’ve had to put two new holes in my belt.  I went from a size 48 pants down to a size 40 in a little over a month.

I’ve got a 46 mile bike ride down in Marion, Alabama this Saturday.  This will be my first charitable bike ride of the year.  I usually do about four a year.  Last year I was not prepared for the first ride.  I had only ridden about 50 or so miles before the event.  This year I’ve ridden close to 200 miles so maybe I’m better prepared than last year.  We shall see.

“Life Goes On!”