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As of today I have lost ten pounds since I’ve started dieting.  I started on the first day of March.  I’ve lost weight and gain it back, lost the weight again and then gain it back.  I have found out that I can’t just watch what I eat and expect to lose any weight.  I have to do some sort of exercise and do some major sweating.

When this picture was taken nearly two years ago I had gotten down to around 270 pounds.  Keep in mind I started off at 345 pounds.  The really sad part about this is that I was not at my heaviest when I found out I was diabetic.  I gained even more weight after I was diagnosed.  Once I had reached the 345 mark it was then I decided I really needed to do something.  I started cutting back on my sweets, cutting out bread and cut down on eating between meals.  It worked for a while.  Over about a two year period I lost down to about 310 pounds.

A little over two years ago my doctor told me that if I didn’t do something I would not see my son who was in his second year of college graduate.  Nor would I see my twin daughters graduate high school.  In other words, he put the fear of God in me.  I went home that evening and got on my treadmill.

I started off at thirty minutes, then 45, then an hour and before I knew it I was on my treadmill for 90 minutes.  This was every night but Monday nights and any other night that I might have something else to do but that didn’t happen very often.  The funny thing about this is that after 90 minutes the treadmill automatically shuts off. I wasn’t aware of this until it happened the first time.  I was on my cool down and was only doing about 2 mph when it shut off.  If I had been going faster it would have sent me through the wall.

Then I started riding my bicycle.  I was doing good but quit loosing weight.  I think it was because I was building muscle.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  Anyway, my weight started creeping back up.  Then last year about July, my new boss didn’t want me riding my bike while I was on call.  That’s a different story and I really don’t want to get into it right now.  Anyway, I’m no longer on call and I’m free to ride my bike but during that month when I couldn’t ride, I got out of the habit and quit riding.  And the treadmill was something that I didn’t care to see so I didn’t get on it either.  Needless to say before I got back on my diet this month my weight had gotten back up to over 300 pounds.  This morning my weight was 294.

My plan is to ride when it’s pretty and to do the treadmill when it’s nasty out.  For instance, this evening it was supposed to rain so I got on my treadmill.  It never rained so now I’m wishing that I had gotten on my bike.  When the days get longer I can get up to 20 miles a day and more on the weekends.

The above picture is when a group of us went to Dallas Georgia and rode part of the Silver Comet.  We rode from Dallas to just past Rockmart Georgia and back making it a total 50 miles.  I did this trip last year around October before it got cold.  I was not in shape and didn’t feel as good when I got back to Dallas as when I did  the year before.

“Life Goes On!!”