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It’s been raining nearly non stop for two days here up until just about an hour ago. More rain in the forecast for the next two days.  I feel like I need to grow web feet or something. Anyway, we’re supposed to dry out for a few days starting Saturday afternoon then rain again toward the middle of next week.  Again, at least the temp is warmer and there’s no risk of snow.

I’ve lost ten pounds as of this morning.  Of course I’ve had no appetite for the last few days because of this sickness. Before I got sick I had been able to get on the treadmill for a couple of days.  Once my breathing gets better I”ll be back on it again.

Queen Bee is at it again.  Sophie’s taken her place on her side of the bed and no one had better get in her way.  This is where she waits for me to get ready for bed.  Once I enter the room she will run into the bathroom and wait in the sink for me to turn the water on for her to get a drink.  Why not, she has nothing else to do.

“Life Goes On!”