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It hasn’t been a full week and I’m already coming down with something else. I’ve got chest congestion and I’m coughing.  I can not afford to be sick anymore so I’ve got to go to work.  Looks like if I can just make it through the day tomorrow I’ll go to the doctor on Saturday.  I just hope I can make it through the day tomorrow.

Today was a bust as far as the weather goes.   The weather people has been calling for ice and sleet for over a week.  My company closed at 10:30 this morning but I stayed until 1:30 when my wife called and told me it was getting bad at the house.  By the time I got home it had already quit and the roads were drying out.  There may be some frozen spots on the roadway where there were some puddles but that should be it.

Tomorrow is Friday, at least it better be.  Going to the doctor on Saturday and hopefully I have a photo shoot scheduled for Sunday.  I’m going to really enjoy this weekend as it should be fairly nice outside. Mid to upper 50’s forecasted.

“Life Goes On!!”