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Hello.  I’ve debated whether or not to do this or not but here goes.

This is me with all my “glory”.  My current weight as of this morning is 300.4 and as of today I’m doing a 365 day weight loss challenge and I’m going to use the 365 Photo Challenge to help me keep track of my progress.  No, you won’t see a picture of me everyday but maybe once a month or so.  If I were to set a goal it would be about 5 lbs a month.  That’s 60 lbs in a year.  I think I can do it.

I will be taking pictures of my everyday life whether it be at work, home or at play.  I enjoy photography so there’s no telling what you might see.  I have a lot going on in my life so be prepared for some interesting stuff.

Wish Me Luck.