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I have been to the gym every day since Sunday.  I had not planned on it but why not, I’m not doing anything else.  I spend thirty minutes on the treadmill and thirty minutes on the spin cycle.  I walk away out of breath and with noodle legs.  Today, while on the spin cycle,  I must have hit the wrong program because just about the whole thirty minutes I was going uphill.  According to my Fitbit, sixteen minutes my heart rate was above 140 beats per minute.  About midway into the workout, I thought about quitting.  My breathing was hard, I could tell my heart rate was up and my legs started burning.  It was then I said to myself, I am not a wimp. I can do this.  What I’m doing has got to be better than quitting.  After I finished my workout on the cycle, what I felt next was amazing and I haven’t felt like that in quite some time.  The fact that I didn’t quit made me feel great.  I couldn’t breathe nor could I walk but I felt good inside because I didn’t quit.  Tomorrow I work with the trainer for thirty minutes then I’ll get back on the treadmill and cycle again but this time a little less of a workout.  My legs feel like they need to heal some.