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Today was my appointment with my new oncologist.  The doctor looked like he was fresh out of med school.  He looked like he was about my son’s age, about 26 or so.  He is from Saudi Arabia or somewhere close by with a heavy accent. I had no trouble understanding him so he must have learned English at a young age.

He arrived to my appointment about an hour and a half late.  I was not impressed by this.  However, he did have a good excuse.  He said that his excuse was in two parts.  One, he had to do rounds for his partner who was on vacation this week and he had to receive a teleconference with a group in Korea that involved a case study he was involved with.

I went in this appointment thinking I was to have a bone marrow transplant aka stem cell replacement. So I was a bit surprised when he said that I would stay in my current med for a while.  He also stated that because of my current health condition, with my diabetes and cardiac issues,  I was not a good candidate for stem cell replacement. The option would still be there but not right now.  We will continue to “work” with the current meds and see if we can get them to work again.

The numbers, although higher than normal. were not really that high, according to my new oncologist.  He has seen higher and with that said, has gotten the numbers back down to a manageable rate with little to no problem.

I have little choice but to trust him.  We will see what he has to say and we’ll do what he asks. I go back in one month for more lab work and for another visit.